Saturday, October 29, 2016

Stickeroo Cards

Today I did a bit of cheating to get five cards done using Penny Black Stickeroos. They are beautifully colored stickers and I tried to add them to cards with a bit of extra embellishment or layering to make them appear a bit more handmade. They are so beautiful and the coloring on them is wonderful.

Here is the photo of the stickers I used. Just click on the link. This set is called Berry Delight. But for the life of me I cannot figure out how a pear is a Christmas image. But it was one of the stickers in the set so I figured they knew more then I did. LOL Edited: I found this on the internet so now I understand why it was considered a Christmas symbol. Pear: The pear symbolizes Christ's love for mankind.

And I used a Penny Black sentiment stamp set called Yuletide Wishes. Here is the link for that too. I think these sentiments have the most beautiful font and wonderful verses in them. I just had to have them for my Christmas card designs.

I love the bright colors of these stickers and I knew I would be needing to get lots of cards finished by Thanksgiving or even earlier and so I opted to try this. Some of them I added extra specks of white with acrylic paint mixed with water to simulate snow. Others I just layered onto coordinating card stock. A couple used shimmery copper colored card stock and I added gems and copper nail heads to most of them. So far I have done 15 cards using these stickers and I have one more sheet to work with. I hope you enjoyed looking at them. And, even though I cheated I still think they worked into lovely card designs.

Well, I hope your Saturday was a good one. Ours was a rainy one so that was the reason I got to work on cards once again. It was a fun project too. Have a great rest and a good Sunday my friends. Thanks for stopping by.

God bless,


  1. Oh My Goodness! These are gorgeous! There is something sooooo artistic about Penny Black stamps and their Design Team. Every time I see one of their cards my jaw falls to the floor! I have never heard of their stickeroos but man you have made gorgeous cards with them! These are fabulous!!!

  2. Good way to get a head start on the Christmas cards - artistic licence - not cheating. They are all gorgeous images. I have a Christmas pear tree image too somewhere, though I can't remember who made it, but remember " and a partidge in a pear tree"!

  3. I didn't know about Penny Black stickeroos, but these are quite marvelous. You have a nice collection, and I love how you added some crafting touches. Don't forget about the partridge in a pear tree.

  4. oh wow, these are gorgeous. I have never heard of Stickeroos. I did recognize one image that I know is a stamp, so my guess is they use their stamp images. I love what you have done here, very creative. I would NOT call that cheating at all, your cards are gorgeous!!!

  5. These Stickeroo are so beautiful with your fine embellishments! I love how you added the details, Verna! Happy sunday!

  6. Those stickers are lovely! You have showcased them perfectly! Did Patti get you hooked on stickers again? She did me!

  7. These are all incredibly beautiful, Verna! I'm not sure why you consider it cheating? I see people using toppers and the like all the time. I've even recycled old Christmas cards to make new ones! Don't be so hard on yourself! You made some beautiful cards - I wish I had some Stickeroos!

  8. Your cards are beautiful. I also never heard of the stickers, but I love their stamps.


  9. These are all beautiful and your extra touches make them handmade. :-)


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