Sunday, January 5, 2014

Organized Embossing Folders

Hi all,
I had my embossing folders all in a long thin box but it was falling apart, so I saw this idea for storing the embossing folders on Crafter's Companion and I ordered them on Black Friday but am just now getting around to putting my folders into them. I got two different sizes. One holds the A2 size and the other one holds bigger ones. I happened to get in on a special which included both in one package. But I think since I added some of the cardboard to the inserts for some of mine, I will go with the larger size if I ever order another organizer. And, I discovered I have a lot more folders than I had thought. LOL I guess for a crafter that is no surprise as we always find we have lots and lots of stuff, but then again it is all necessary stuff too. I thought I would share a photo of what I did today.

Hope your day is going great too, and if it is cold that you are staying warm.


Frances Krug said...

So proud of you,Verna. It's hard to push yourself into new arenas of learning sometimes but it is always worth it. Maybe I'll give it a try too,

Lindsay Ettlinger said...

Verna those look great. Mine are all loose in a box. Maybe I should look for something like that - it must take less space!

Kitty said...

Thank you for the picture of the embossing folder holder. I think that is what I need for mine. I also go to www dotpaperwishesdotcom and they have all sorts of clubs called personal shopper, you pay a monthly fee and you get the product that you signed up for. I signed up for two of their clubs - embossing folders (this one is every other month and you get 2 EFs) and cut dies. You also get a color newsletter with each and it shows you ways to use your item. It's hard to explain but if you need more info I will try.


Barbara said...

A good way to be organized and very neat too.

Donna Ellis said...

what a great way of keeping them organized, handy for traveling, and not taking much room on a book case shelf, either! Thanks for showing it, Verna! hugs, de

Brenda in IN said...

Wow thanks for sharing this. We can always use more tips to keep our "stuff" neat. Welcome to blogging. You will find so many tips and techniqes. Stampers are the greatest people. They share their work and know how so you are in for a great experience.