Friday, January 29, 2016

Ice Fishing Valentine

If you live in a warmer part of the United States I don't imagine you are familiar with ice fishing unless of course, you saw the movie Grumpy Old Men. That is a perfect depiction of all the little villages on frozen lakes around our northern most states. And, here in our state of South Dakota it is a winter pastime for lots of, women and children alike.

I only went once myself but then fishing is not my thing at all but I remember I was not too enthused because I could hear the ice making creaking noises and I was afraid I was going to meet my maker there on Big Stone Lake. And I was not in the mood for an icy swim. LOL

Anyway, I decided that this special ice fisherman stamp should be on a Valentine. It is an image from Sutter Stamps. I will tell the story behind that after you view the card.

I always wanted a stamp depicting an ice fisherman but was not having much luck finding one. I mentioned this to Carol Sutter of Sutter Stamps and I asked her if she ever thought of making such a stamp. She said she had but that she always drew from photos and she had not yet found one she liked. I thought about it for a few days and then I told her of a photo my son took when he and several others of the family were fishing one winter. I sent it to her by email and she was thrilled with it and she drew the image from the photo of my husband sitting on his pail and fishing. So my hubby is immortalized on a rubber stamp now. LOL

Now back to how the card was made. I used mostly negatives of dies to make this card. The center frame is from a bigger heart I die cut. And, all the little red hearts are negatives as well. I thought they were too lovely to waste so I had saved them for a later project. I am glad I did as they really look great on this card.

The pattern paper and the sentiment are from My Favorite Things. And, I fussy cut out the banner for the sentiment.

I think the ice fisherman will be on the cards for the men and boys I will be sending valentines to. I think the shut-ins will love to get a card like this as many of them used to enjoy ice fishing when they were healthy enough to do it.

Well, weekend time is here and I think I will be busy with other tasks. But maybe I will find a time to do a few cards too.

You have a great weekend and thanks for checking in.

God bless,


  1. What a great masculine card....BUT what an AWESOME stamp and story, you need to make sure that stamp is tagged with this info! WOW! LOVE it!!! (I would stamp up a bunch of images then put the stamp and the photo of your Husband in a shadow box to display for all of time!) So Cool, Verna!

  2. I remember ice fishing as a kid - I enjoyed looking out the camp window more than the fishing LOL...

  3. Oh, my gosh, what an awesome story!! Not many of us can say that our husband has been forever frozen in a stamp!! LOVE IT!! We have ice fishing a lot around here in Northern Michigan, so I can totally identify. Love your design, it's wonderful. Well done my friend, well done!!!

  4. Verna, what a great story and that stamp image is so great, especially since it is the rubber stamp of your hubby! That stamp is a perfect image for your Valentine card. Great card!!

  5. I love your story!!!! How awesome is that? All because you sent that picture. What a sweet sweet image of your own hubby! I've only seen that on grumpy old men. They did crack me up. Thank you for sharing the story. So lovely.

  6. Fun blog entry.At least you gave it a try. How cute to make this image into a valentine.

  7. Super for the ice fisherman! Love the added hearts too

  8. Verna - what a wonderful story. Handsome hubby there hehe. Love this card. Such a different type of male card - just fabulous.

  9. What a wonderful story and a great and special card for your hubby. My son is an avid ice fisherman too. He built a shanty last year and had a great time with it. This year, there was not enough ice to put it out. He is really bummed. Next year, maybe.

  10. Absolutely a super card Verna. Just perfect. Yes, also lived where ice fishing is done but not into fish unless in an aquarium myself. :)

  11. great image and just a super card for a have been making some fun masculine cards lately...keep em coming...

  12. From a simple photo to a card.... that is just amazing! Well done, Verna.
    x Asha


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