Tuesday, September 15, 2015

David's Tree

A friend emailed me just recently and said she enjoyed the photos I took. So she suggested I take a photo of something on our farm and then try and duplicate the scene as best I could. Well, I thought about it for a while before I finally decided to give it a try. So here is my card design using stamps and the photo I tried to duplicate.

The photo I took shows the tree our friend David gave us many years ago. It sets on top of the hill where our home is located and behind it is the valley below with the corn field and the tree line running along the river.

He had some seedlings growing in a ditch and he wanted to get rid of them so he asked us if we wanted one and we said  we did. It is a beautiful tree and we decorate it every year for Christmas. Our friend David passed away several years ago in a combining accident and we still miss him greatly to this day. And, each time we look at our tree we think of the wonderful friendship we had and all the great gab sessions we enjoyed.

I used Kitchen Sink Stamps to create my scene and lots of masking. I started first by stamping the pine tree and then masking that. I used a grassy stamp to make the corn field in the background by stamping it over and over in the lighter golden colors and finally at the last stamping used some green to make it look like the drying corn crop that is abundant now.

Next I masked off that area and added a line of trees behind the corn field by only using the top portions of the tree stamps. And, while the mask was in place I also left an area blank where I wanted my gravel road. I colored the gravel road in with a light brown but found that too dark so I went over it with a white gel pen. It was just right then.

My last step was to mask off the gravel road area and then add my grassy foreground. I used the same grass stamp that I had used for the corn field but only this time went with all green tones. Right under the tree I put the grass stamp on in a curved position on my acrylic block and used that to stamp darker tones and create the illusion of shadow.

Once this was done I took Bic Mark-It alcohol ink markers and filled in here and there and sponged on some blue ink for the sky.

It was then ready to layer to black card stock and then again to my white card base.

Kitchen Sink Stamps used:

Multi Step Pine Trees LRGC 034
Multi Step Trees LRGC 031
Multi Step Tree Friends Mini 020

I am loving the stamps from Kitchen Sink Stamps. I get wonderful results using those stamps and if you need some directions on how to use them, you can always find help at the forum that Kitchen Sink Stamps offers.

And, a special thanks to my friend for suggesting this idea. I am hoping she takes the idea to heart and duplicates a scene from her yard too. **Hint, Hint**

Thanks for the visits to my blog and all the comments  you leave. I so appreciate each and every one of them.

God bless,


  1. It is absolutely gorgeous, Verna! I don't see how it could be more perfect! Stunning work!

  2. This is truly amazing Verna....and I so enjoyed reading about your inspiration! You are one talented stamper....no I should say Artist!!!!

  3. OMGoodness Verna you have created your card in perfect harmony to your photo. What an amazing job you have done and what a great idea. Beautiful!

  4. I love your story and your recreated scene, You did a beautiful job.

  5. You did a spectacular job duplicating your tree and its surroundings, Verna! It's a work of art!

  6. I have been abstaining from making comments on everyone's blog while we are here in the West, but I just had to comment on this one. Firstly, because you have done an awesome job on this card, and secondly, and more importantly, I love your story. Since driving through your beautiful state, and I do mean beautiful, I can just imagine the scene you describe. We have LOVED visiting South Dakota, it is just lovely!!! I will always remember being there!!!

  7. I love everything about this post. It is so inspiring. Your reproduction of the handsome tree is equally impressive. With the layered stamping, the tree has a 3D quality. The story of your beautiful friendship with David is moving. Thank you for sharing, Verna.
    hugs Asha

  8. I love your beautiful salute to the tree that was given to you by a wonderful friend. Even though he is gone from this earth, he remains in your hearts and you are reminded when ever you see this tree. Your duplication of that tree is amazing and so very real like. I am sure those stamps help, but you are an artist.

  9. So sorry to hear your friend is no longer with you. You did an amazing job on your scene. That tree is absolutely gorgeous!

  10. Verna, you are a true artist! What you created here with only three stamps is AWESOME! This story and work is an inspiration! Bravo!

  11. THAT is a beautiful tree! Love the realistic look!

  12. Wonderful challenge! and I don't think I can top your lovely story of your friend nor your artistry, but I will give it a try! Anybody with Verna and I?

  13. This is just over the top stunning! I think you should put them both in a shadow box side by side! Fabulous artwork!!!!

  14. not only is this a gorgeous card, but how special that it has such a beautiful meaning attached to it. just makes my heart smile to read about the tribute to your friend. I love the story of the tree. so sorry he left this world all too soon.

  15. beautiful card Verna, and the tree itself is a perfect tree.


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