Monday, March 2, 2015

St. David's Day

This post is a day late but on March 1 was the celebration of St. David's Day. I had no inkling of this before until my friend Dolores told me all about it in an email.  The Welsh celebrate this day much the same as the Irish celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Whereas the Irish use the Shamrock, the Welsh use the Daffodil or a Leek image. My friend sort of challenged me to make a card for this occasion so I chose to use a leek image on my card.

Well, guess what? I did not have an image of a leek so I had to rely on my limited artistic talents and draw one. I decided I wanted my leek to be sort of a comical version. So please keep in mind that I am no artist in any sense of the word but even so I was not too unhappy with my happy little fellow!

The sentiments used on this card are from the Gina K. Designs Stamp It Big set which is illustrated by Carolyn King. Also the pattern paper is from the Gina K. Designs Birthday Hoot pattern paper pack.

I added a ribbon and some black pearls before layering onto a complimentary green card stock. The card base was white card stock.

Here is a little more history on the use of the leek for St. David's Day. Apparently the leek was chosen as their symbol to celebrate the winning of a battle against the Saxons which took place in a field of leeks.

Anyway, to all those who are of Welsh decent I hope you had a wonderful St. David's Day.

God bless,


  1. I think the leek you drew is fabulous!

  2. I think that could be the start of a fun vegetable stamp set Verna - it's awesome! Well done.

  3. I love the leek you drew and I think your artistic talents are far from limited. Great job Verna.I agree with Shona, you might have to start on that vegetable set.

  4. You are too awesome Verna, making your own image. Awesome leek and awesome card.

  5. Your card made me smile; your leek is so cute!! Great card!

  6. You drew that? I was just about to ask where you got that stamp - lol. Great job, don't think I would have even tried it. Great color combo for the theme too. And who knew about St. David's Day - only you, Verna. I happen to love leeks in cooking, so this card kinda made my mouth water...haha. Awesome job, wonderful card! It's so tongue in cheek!!!!

  7. Your little leek is adorable! I love the happiness you created inside the realistic look of the leek, Verna. You have often commented that you've drawn an image on your masterpieces, and they always ALWAYS look fantastic! I think you should have your own digital line! LOL Thanks for the education about St. David's day and for sharing your fun card, too! Hope your leg is feeling better, Verna, and that "things" are settling down a bit so you are not quite so uncomfy. love, de

    1. I forgot to add - would you believe we had to turn the AC on yesterday because the temps rose up into the 80s bringing LOTS of heavy humidity? I can tell the same will be today, so I've already been out to fertilize the potted plants this morning, and the humidity is quite heavy already! xo

  8. Love it., Made me giggle, and the colours are awesome

  9. A Late Happy St. David's Day to you too! Very nice card, Verna! You are so artistic -- getting that leek just right from the google images I sent you. You took on the challenge well! Hope you are feeling better soon! DJ


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