Monday, March 28, 2016

Acrylic Garden

I was gifted a set of acrylics and some practice sheets as well as some bigger canvases and many brushes. So there was no excuse not to try working with acrylics. Well, it is a good thing I have lots of practice sheets. This was my first attempt and I think it sort of looks more like something a first grade kid would do. Oh, well! It was fun anyway. Just remember this is my first hopefully in time I may improve. Perhaps I should have drawn a sketch first but then I can't draw either. So why would that be much better? Hahaaa!

Isn't that a sick looking butterfly? Originally I did not have one in the painting which was the way I should have left it. I tried to make it look more realistic but I think instead I got it looking a lot worse. Maybe in my next works I will paint a bee instead or no insect at all.  I redid the butterfly. I realized that the bottom half should be larger than the top half. It looks much better now. 

I saw a similar scene done in water colors and loved it, so thought perhaps I could make it instead with the acrylics. But I must have deleted the video and now can't remember who did it either so I apologize to that talented artist. So this was done from memory.

I find the acrylics dry fast and when hubby comes in and says "Fix me some lunch. I am going in the field." I found out that by the time I had his lunch pail packed it had dried out my blotches of paint on my palette quite a bit. I might have to buy more tubes if I run out.

Well, any tips would be greatly appreciated. I need all the help I can get. Hahaaa! Thanks though for looking at it. And I will look forward to seeing what you suggest I do differently.

God bless,


Donna Phelan said...

Well your butterfly may be sick, but I know mine would look dead! Cut yourself some slack, practice and patience my I think your flowers look beautiful.....I wish I had a field of them out my window!

Lisa Babitz said...

This does not look like a first attempt with acrylics! It is beautiful!! Your flowers are amazing, and I am not really having a problem with your butterfly. It's not all that realistic, but I don't feel like it needs to be! Great job!!

Shari M said...

Looks good. Actually been gifted with many watercolours and papers in recent months but still not willing to post one as been years. So know the feeling. :)

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