Monday, March 28, 2016

Improved Acrylic Garden

I was not satisfied with that butterfly and the more I looked at it the more I knew I wanted to improve it. So I determined I had the proportions of the butterfly wrong on the first try. And, one good thing about acrylics is that you can go over and redo things. I was happy about that. I hope you like this change that I did as well.

Well, I will slowly learn. I guess it shows I did not take any art classes. LOL Well, that finishes up my day. I wanted to show the newer version. And I still want your opinions on other ways I can improve on my painting. At least I had some fun with this.

God bless,


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  2. Your painting is lovely. I can't even draw a straight line

    Love and Prayer,

  3. Well good for you for venturing out into unknown territory. You are braver than I, I think acrylics are difficult. This is a beautiful painting and I love all the pretty colors. Your butterfly is perfect for the scene, well done!

  4. I think this is pretty too....and I think you are brave to even try....not me, no way, no how lol We all weren't beautiful card makers in the beginning, right? Time!


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