Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Acrylic Night Scene

I have decided I am more comfortable doing scenes so today after I made another flower goof I finally went to a scene and I feel much better about it. It is supposed to be a night scene and I think the camera made it lighter than it really is but I hope you still can get the idea behind it.

And although it is in my comfort zone more I am still not thrilled with my paintings. I think my original idea of coloring other's artwork will still be my main way of expression in the art world. I just am not that good of an artist. And as you can see a fiber from one of the brushes attached itself in the upper left corner. I was bummed about that. I wish I had seen it while it was still wet, but it was not until I took a first photo that I noticed it. So another lesson learned....check occasionally for fibers attached. LOL

And, I need to find a smaller way of writing. I tried to use a finer brush but I still got it looking like a first grader did the signature. Of course, I cut the practice sheets smaller so that I could frame it if I should happen to do something worthy of that. So far not looking very promising. Any suggestions on how to get a smaller writing would be appreciated. I thought about a marker but that would not be acrylic.

Any other suggestions would be welcomed too as I know some of you are more expert at painting then I am. Am I being too stingy with the paint? I see some white areas showing up so maybe that might have to be changed too. But at least I had some fun doing it.

Well, it looks and sounds like we may get some rain tonight. In a way that would be good since hubby planted wheat today. That would get it off to a good start. Even snow would be good on wheat as it provides nitrogen.

Well, I hope your day is going well. Thanks for stopping in.

God bless,


  1. I love your painting Verna, I wish I had the talent to do that!!

  2. Its beautiful, Verna! Is there anything you cant do? Lovely, peaceful scene and fantastic colors. The misty clouds floating across the moon reminds me of our skies most nights. The only suggestion I have is for you to feel delighted with yourself! Love, de

  3. Wow Verna!!! Incredibly gorgeous! My favorite colors are shades of blue, and especially nighttime scenes so this is definitely a keeper! I have no idea how to paint names. Perhaps there is a YouTube about how they do that? Well done!

  4. I aa little late in making comments and now I see that you have ventured out and are doing acrylics. Good for you, me.....not so much. I have been buys getting kids on their way back home and then packing for us to leave her too. See you soon. Keep painting scenes.

  5. Another great painting! I love your night scene with the beautiful blues. Great texture in your painting - I love that look! So pretty!!

  6. Well look at you, being all Rembrant-y. LOVE this, you could be the new Grandma Moses. Looks like you are having a great time....this is really nice!!

  7. Stopped by to tell you I love your scene, and I love that you are having so much fun. I thought you would want to know that when I clicked on the comment, I got a notice from my Norton Anti Virus that they had blocked something from you blog. It happened two times in a row and the comment section would not open. When I tried the third time it opened.

  8. Just closed and opened again and had no problem. I have no idea???

  9. Wow, you are a lot braver than I am. Still playing here. This looks good. Glad you are enjoying it so much


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