Saturday, October 31, 2020

Happy Halloween!

 I took an old (no longer in business) set from Sparkle N Sprinkle to create this spooky scene for you. I wanted to wish all of my fellow bloggers who are so faithful to me in commenting a wonderful and fun day! I hope you like this quick scene I made for you and that you have a spooktacular and fun day!

This involved a lot of ink blending with my brushes and then along with my Misti I stamped the images onto the card. I hand drew the ghosts however. I am sure you can tell they are a little messy looking. I used a white paint pen for them and the sentiment.

I had a great time making this and now it is rest time. I also made seven Christmas cards this week and maybe later on will share some of them with you. I do a card or two besides cooking and laundry and then rest in between. I am taking it one day at a time.

Thanks for visiting and please stay safe. Halloween is a great time to wear a mask but in this pandemic it is wise to wear it all the time when out and about.

God bless, Verna

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Snippets Card

I delved into my snippets container and found these dies to make a simple Christmas card for the October Rudolph Days Challenge. I like how it looks too with these die cuts. 

The Peace sentiment is from Altenew and the Poinsettia Border Die is from Paper Rose. 

I hope this finds all of you having a great Sunday. Take care and stay well and safe.
God bless, Verna

Friday, October 23, 2020

Cancer Update and Blessings

 Well, I think I am very blessed as I saw my surgeon on Wednesday and he took the drainage tube out. Then Thursday I saw my oncologist and he informed me since they got all the cancer tumor and being there was no cancer in the lymph nodes that I don't have to take chemo. Instead I will be taking a pill every day for five years. He said it was very unlikely I would get cancer in the other breast too. So we took that as a great sign that the Lord wants me around yet for a bit more. I have to take a bone scan to see how strong my bones are as this medication he prescribed is hard on the bones. If my bones are too fragile then he will give me a different pill. Apparently this pill attacks estrogen and rids it from the body. So it might cause me to have more achy bones but since I was taken off Plavix I am now allowed to take Aleve which sure helps with the arthritis pain. So that is a blessing.

Also my dear daughter who makes jewelry gave me a pretty pendant with a wonderful saying on it. I wore it to my oncologist appointment and I also learned in the past few days how to take a selfie of myself with my phone. I have to keep learning new things to keep my mind active. So that is a blessing that this old gray mare can still learn a thing or two!

And here is the selfie of me wearing it. 

I might try and work on some cards again after I am all done with doctor appointments. I just know that I am so blessed to have come through this journey with such wonderful results. All the more reason to keep up with the mammograms ladies. I never expected this to happen after all good mammograms for the past years. But it goes to show that it can occur at any time.

Oh, we had our first snowstorm of the season too. Apparently more is coming for the weekend as well. That did not make me happy as I was hoping winter would not arrive this soon. But I guess it is moisture and we are in such short supply of that so I will call it another blessing instead.

I hope all of you are doing well and avoiding the Covid. It seems to be on the rise all over lately. But I know better days will be coming as far as the pandemic goes. We  just need to keep the faith.

And, working with my computer is much better too since we got a new keyboard and a new mouse. I thought perhaps I had a stroke and that I did not have a strong enough touch when I clicked on it as everytime I hit the mouse I got all kinds of pop up windows which never had happened before. But apparently hubby fell asleep too many times in front of the computer and dropped the mouse too many times as my son-in-law said the mouse was cracked. So there I go with more blessings. 

Well, I have chewed your ear enough for today. I just got the laundry in and soon I will have to figure out what to fix for lunch. I actually feel like doing more now. Well, what do you know? Another blessing there too.

Take care and God bless all of you,


Friday, October 16, 2020

Halloween Cards

 Well I got my Halloween cards done using the Artsystamper Sweet Spirits Stamp set digitals and some pattern paper from Gina K. Designs. They are very simple but at least I got them all ready to mail to the shut ins.

As to my health I am feeling fairly good. I do tire easily and am taking it pretty easy. I had help from my daughter for several days. I still have the drain  tube in but the surgeon assured me I am doing great. The pain is not too bad and with the help of some Aleve or Tylenol I can keep it in control. I am gradually doing more things but I am glad I had made a lot of meals ahead that can just be thrown in the microwave. 

The stool softner is no longer being taken as it was causing other issues. LOL So that is one less thing to deal with. But I think all in all I am doing quite well.

Thanks for the prayers and good thoughts and for the wonderful cards you have sent me. I am so appreciative of it.

God bless,\


Friday, October 9, 2020

Breast Cancer Update

 Well I am a little bit lopsided now but all went well and I got home this afternoon. Now I need to heal and do follow up and eventually get chemo. The good thing is that it was caught early and the lymph nodes were not infected at all. I sure had wonderful doctors and nurses caring for me. They were the best as far as I was concerned. I ended up staying overnight too. And I still need that haircut but maybe my daughter who is staying for a few days can trim me up a bit so I don't look like such a Raggedy Ann.  Hahaa! 

Below are the flowers and balloons that I got while in the hospital. They are all so gorgeous and I thank all who sent them. They are from my sister and her daughter and the other bouquet and balloons are from my children and their families. 

Take this as a reminder to be sure and keep up with the mammograms and get those girls check out every year. I am glad I was in that habit.

Take care and thanks for all the cards, good thoughts and prayers.

God bless,


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