Friday, August 29, 2014

Bisters......Not Blisters!

I sure got a chuckle when so many said they never heard of Blisters like that. I can easily see the mistake too, but it is indeed called BISTERS! And, I know I did a lot of spritzing but not enough to get blisters. LOL

I had time to play today because it was again a rainy, muggy day and therefore, no combining of the wheat. I know the hubby would have preferred I not had time but such was not the case. I guess we need to be patient for the weather to get better.

Again I used images from I Brake For Stamps and they can be found in the Stampenback line. That is also where one can purchase the Bisters. And, they really are quite reasonable in price.

You use just a small amount of the fine powder. I found it was better to start with less and one can always add more if not satisfied. And, if I used bleach it was ordinary household fact, the really cheap stuff. I happened to have some old blender pens for water color pencils which went dry so I just saved them and they worked great to dip in bleach and soften the color on things. I also again used a white gel pen but over colored on the white areas in the center of each mum.

And for more information on how to use them, check out the video at I Brake for Stamps. Even though it is not in English one can pretty much catch on as to how to use them.

I especially love the backgrounds one can achieve for beautiful Autumn cards. Perfect for this time of year. And, the element of surprise each time you make one is so cool! I thoroughly enjoyed myself again.

I hope you liked what I did as well and that it was not too boring for you to hear me rave on again about them. Everyone have a wonderful holiday weekend and if traveling, please travel safely.

God bless,


Nancy said...

Let me just say I think you do an incredible job with these type of cards Verna! I am so impressed! Keep doing what your doing cause it's working my friend!!

Barbara said...

I must say, I believe you are the bisters's queen. What you do with these mediums, is fantastic. Love your cards. I hope we will see more.

Olga Moore said...

Verna, I liked your card so much I also went to "I Brake for Stamps" and bought every color of Bisters! Can regular card stock be used or does one need to use a specialty card stock to achieve these beautiful results?

Vicki Dutcher said...

Awesome use of this product!

ps - thanks so much for being a loyal commenter - I really appreciate it!

Joyce Erb said...

I realized my spelling error when I put blisters into their search and got nothing LOL. I love the look of this. I have been on a mission for backgrounds I can do with weak hands. So far Pan Pastels, air brushing (copic markers) and I am sure this too.

Carol L said...

What a lovely card you've made! The background looks wonderful with these pretty flowers taking the spotlight! So pretty!

Fenny said...

Again a wonderful card Verna, great colors and also a great stamp.

hugs, fenny

Peanut said...

Another stunning background, Verna. Goes well with the flowers.
hugs, Asha

Donna Ellis said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I cannot imagine making such a beautiful card, Verna - love these with the "bisters" technique! hugs, de

Rosy Newlun said...

Oh, Verna you have had me scratching my head all the way down your blog, until I hit this post!! I have been wondering, what on earth are blisters??? Then I saw you mean Bisters (which I don't know what that is either, so I will go watch the video). These are super gorgeous!!!! I just love your choice of image placement, the embossing and colors. The background is extremely artistic and lovely. And thank you, always, for commenting on my cards. With much love to you and yours, Rosy

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