Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sympathy Card

This week I heard that the mother of a classmate of mine passed away. She was such a wonderful and talented lady! When she became a widow she started up her own florist shop and the bouquets she arranged were out of this world beautiful! I remember one time she did a gorgeous bouquet of red roses and evergreens as it was during the Christmas season. So I decided that my card would carry a similar bouquet in memory of her.

The roses are from the Gina K. Designs A Year of Flowers 2 set and the sentiment is from the Gina K. Designs Sympathy Duo set. I used a masking technique to create a multiple set of roses and then colored them with Copics. I used the evergreen bough die from Diemond Dies to add my greenery behind the popped up roses. I just love that beautiful evergreen die and will be finding many occasions for it's use I am sure.

Well, another week is gone again! Time goes so fast it seems but then I guess that is always the case when one is busy! I hope your week was a great one.

God bless,


Judy I, St. Louis MO said...

Verna, your card is gorgeous, and it is a wonderful tribute to the lady's memory. The evergreen die is lovely with the roses.

Barbara Bruder said...

Verna, This card is a beautiful card. I especially like the pine sprig and the roses. Its a perfect sympathy card in the memory of your friend's mother.

Sharyn Polesel said...

Beautiful card, Verna! I love the roses and the evergreens, such a great way to remember your classmate's mother.

Karen Hasheck said...

Such a beautiful card. It will mean so much to your friend that you made it with love in memory of her mother.

Lisa Babitz said...

This is a gorgeous sympathy card. The bouquet of roses and evergreens similar to the one she arranged is so fitting. Your friend will surely be comforted by your thoughtfulness in remembering her mother so beautifully.

Marianne Grimbly said...

Verna your card is beautiful and I think it's such a lovely gesture that you used the roses and evergreens that you remembered her by. I'm sure she would be truly touched.

Anna Jernigan said...

Gorgeous card, and a touching gesture, for someone who sounds like a wonderful lady. Started up her own florist shop? Wow, that is impressive. How sweet of you to make such a special card! I am certain it was well received.

Judy Woodland said...

Well this is just lovely, and a wonderful homage to a lovely lady. I have ALWAYS loved red roses and pine boughs at Christmas time. This card will be so appreciated, just beautiful!

Asha said...

What a lovely card, Verna. And a thoughtful one too. the roses are simply gorgeous!
hugs, Asha

Shari M said...

Love that you made the card suit the person about or to. That is the whole reason for making cards, and this tribute to them is beautiful.,

Beth said...

What a gorgeous card Verna and tribute to your friends mom beautiful card.

Donna Ellis said...

What a beautiful testament of her life, Verna - that you specifically recall that arrangement, and customized the card to remind the recipient of how special her mother was. She will appreciate your masterpiece for a very long time! xo

Vicki Dutcher said...

Beautiful tribute card!

Barbara said...

So sorry that you had to make a sympathy card. But a special one it is. I love making these kind of cards the most. Ones with special meaning for the maker and the recipient.

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