Monday, July 28, 2014

Veggies and Update

Hi everyone.
Not much card making for me these days as I am too busy with the garden produce. Today I got the picking of green beans blanched and laying flat in the pans to sharp freeze before I bag them. Nice picking the last two times and I am sure with these I will have at least 17 pints in the freezer and this is only the third picking off the vines. I grow the bush variety.

Also all washed up and ready to cook until semi tender are the beets. We gathered in the biggest ones and will let the rest grow more. Had to thin them out. These will be frozen also ready to eat in the winter.

So as you can see I have been busy. But it is fun for a change to work with something other than cards. I always did love the garden and all the good foods we get from it. I also froze pod peas and Swiss Chard earlier.

And I have been doing some baking so that when our family get-together in August comes I have plenty on hand. That way I can spend more time visiting and having a more relaxing time. We are looking forward to having all our children and almost all of the grandchildren here. Only two will be missing: our daughter in law Shizuko and our grandson Henry who will be staying at home in Japan. She could not get off from her job as a nurse.

I have all the bedding washed up and ready to be put back on the beds. We have a big upstairs floor to house the family for a few days. Not all will be here the entire visit of my son and his oldest son though. Some have to work and could only get a few days off.

We also will be having baptism of the newest family member, Anna, during that time period so it will be a busy but fun reunion for us.

Now to the confession part. I neglected to tell all that when I was at my daughter's helping with the new baby that I fainted the second day there. My body reacts to stress that way and although I did not feel I was stressed, apparently I was. I ended up in the ER with a laceration on my cheek from my glasses bow breaking off and gouging in. Also had a black and blue forehead and black eye. No stitches needed but did need it taped up. It is mending very nicely now though. I looked like I had been in a fight. LOL All my vitals were checked out just in case and I did not have a heart attack or stroke. Then since I broke the bow on my glasses I had to find a optician place to see if I could get my lenses put into new frames. Luckily I found a pair that worked.

I sort of missed one day of chief cook and bottle washer for the family.  I was supposed to be helping them, but that day I made things worse. But the rest of the week I was of some help I believe. Anyway, they are all doing fine now. I did get to hold the baby a lot though so that was fun at least. And, they happened to have a walker at their house and being I was really stiff and sore with bruises on knees and toes from that crash on the kitchen floor, I used that for several days.

Then the next week after I was home it was time for my physical which I get around this time of the year. All was good with that too except for a small infection again in my leg that always seems to get ulcers. So I am on antibiotics again for that.

And, if that was not enough, this weekend I lost the front tooth out of my upper plate. I think I ate it because I can't find it anywhere. Oh, dear! So I called the dentist office and got an appointment for tomorrow to get it fixed temporarily and maybe get impressions or set up an appointment for a new set of choppers. I guess I worked them too hard, but I do believe that when I fainted I loosened that tooth up and so it was just a matter of time that it would be falling out.

Well, hopefully, things will be much better from now on. At least after tomorrow I hope I don't look like an old haggard witch with a gaping hole where the tooth used to be. And, thank the Lord I did not have anything major go wrong with me yet! But if it does, I am sure He will help me cope with it too.

I hope all of you are doing well. And, thanks for the comments. I messed up and accidentally deleted one comment and I feel so bad about that. I tried to find a way to retrieve it, but had no success. I was using the iPad and my finger apparently missed the mark when trying to push the Publish area and instead got the Delete. I am so sorry and I hope the person who I did that too will forgive me.

God bless,


Nancy said...

Oh my Verna...when it rains it pours! Glad you didn't break anything when you fell! HUGS to you! Onward and Upward from here!

Karen Hasheck said...

Wow- you have been through a lot! Hope you are on the way to total healing.

Judy Woodland said...

Oh my gosh, Verna! You should write a book!!! Life is full of challenges, and you meet them head-on. Have fun with the family, sounds like it will be a blast. I envy you your garden, nothing like home-grown stuff in the dead of winter. Thanks for sharing your life with us, my friend. I love reading your posts!!

Janet Genser said...

Well, Verna -- some people will do ANYTHING to get attention!!!!! LOL!! Thankfully you weren't badly hurt when you fainted, and your 'choppers' can be fixed or replaced. Hopefully your leg will heal quickly too. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
Your vegetables look beautiful. I agree with Judy -- there's nothing like having your fresh homegrown veggies in the dead of winter. You have been one busy lady! Thanks for sharing everything with us.

Unknown said...

Wow Verna, Take care. Get well and enjoy every minute of the visits. No cards, no worry, your health and family are always first. One thing missed here is the garden, Never a big one but loved the fresh food,

Barbara said...

Verna, I am so sorry to hear about those awful health issues, but so happy to hear you are feeling better and taking on that beautiful garden crop of yours. Talk about mouth watering veggies. Enjoy your family and "Happy Harvesting"!

Vicki Dutcher said...

Wow - unfortunate chain of events going on with YOU! Recover quickly!

I sure wish I had time, patience, room to grow fresh -- beats the heck out of store bought!

Darnell said...

Oh, Verna, poor lass, you have had a rough go of it! You totally must have looked like you were in a bar fight!! (Not that I would know!) I'm glad it wasn't anything serious, but please be careful now so you don't overdo with all the family there, since that is your body's way of handling stress. I'm glad you didn't break any bones; that's always such a worry. The glasses and teeth can be fixed a lot easier than a broken bone!

Your produce brought back memories of growing up in Iowa. I especially loved the photo of the beets. I love them!! Take care and enjoy the family reunion!! Hugs, Darnell

Donna Ellis said...

Oh, Verna! When it rains it pours! Isn't it strange how our bodies respond to stress? And each of us is so unique when it comes to stress. For me, even if I'm doing something enjoyable and FUN, my body can go into stress, depending how much exertion I'm putting into it, or how much effort in the concentration, etc. It has brought genuine humility to me because I know I'm no longer strong, and that I must be careful. Hopefully, you will heal up soon, and all will get back to normal (whatever normal is). Please take care! xo

Kathy Krug said...

Oh my I just wanted to stop by your blog and thank you for all the encouraging words you always leave on my blog and I read about all your recent experiences. You have certainly had your share of mishaps. Glad you are on the mend and I hope the time with the family is a real blessing. DO NOT STRESS OUT. I was going to leave a not for you on STAMP TV, but I realized we are not friends. I just assumed we were. Anyway I tried to friend you but couldn't get your name to come up. Will try again later. Just know I will be thinking of you.

Donna Ellis said...

Hi, Verna - just dropping by to check on what's new at your place! I am so proud of you for keeping on keeping on as you go through all this challenges. Your blanching and food preps for storage are hard work, but much appreciated when they are cooked into yummy vittles. I was hoping you were feeling better by now, and hoping that things looking up soon. xo

Peanut said...

Oh you poor thing! I hope you're feeling better now.
hugs, Asha

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