Friday, September 19, 2014

Heartfelt Creations Christmas Cards

I always admire those who can take a pre-printed design and add things to it to make them super outstandingly beautiful! Well, guess what? I don't think I seem to be able to emulate them at all, as I just can't seem to get out of the CAS mode for card making. It just is not my style! And, for some reason by using these beautiful pre-printed papers and designs I almost feel like I am cheating! One of my friends said I feel that way because my MUSE is not happy about not being able to come up with the ideas on her own! LOL

 At any rate I am going to show you some of the cards I did with the huge tablet of papers I received with a free gift certificate. I love all the lovely designs and I hope that people won't be disappointed with what I did with them. And, for me, this is not a quicker way to make cards. I thought it would be but it seems I go over and over trying to add things to perk them up and it takes me longer than if I had just stamped a design and colored it.

First one here is my favorite and it involved using some lovely die cuts to frame it. I also happened to have the holly stamp set that goes with these papers so I used the stamped images and the dies that match them to create this card. I also sponged on extra color around the sentiment to match the reds a bit more. A little Wink of Stella on the star and a ribbon bow completed my design.

My next one is a beautiful poinsettia image and I die cut around it to make it a circle. I sponged on some extra kraft color and then added it to a Spellbinder die frame. The base card is made from some two tone green duplex card stock that I had for ages in my stash. The sentiment is also from Heartfelt Creations and I added that along with a ribbon to complete the card. Oh, yes, I used Wink of Stella pen on the yellow centers of the flower but this photo does not do it justice.

The third card is a cute and darling snow man design which was originally to be a square card but since I only send A2 size mainly I cut out just the framed snowman image. Added it to the card base which matched fairly well to the colors in the design and then along the edge added some snowflake ribbon. I also added the Merry Christmas which is part of the HC paper pad. Again some Wink of Stella was added to the snowman, snow and to the tree. Hopefully, you can see a bit of the twinkle of it in the photo.

My final card I am posting is one I used only the sentiment and added some HC dies around it to sort of showcase the beautiful "Jesus is the reason for the season" theme. I layered this onto some matching card stock, added some glittery ribbon and placed it onto the white card base.

I told you I was not one to do the fancy designs. I tried adding more to some of the cards and the more I tried the worse they looked to me. So I decided that I would stick with what I am most comfy with....CAS designs. I hope Heartfelt Creations won't be too disappointed in me, but maybe this will be an encouragement to some others who cannot get out of the CAS mode too!

Well, I know it is early for Christmas cards but believe me when you send out around 90 cards or more, one needs to get started early. Too bad I did not do that this year as most years I start in August and here it is already mid September. Yikes!

Well, have a great weekend everyone and thanks for checking out my blog posts.

God bless,


cardscookiecarrotcake said...

Verna, you're being too hard on yourself. Your cards came out beautiful, and no, you're not cheating!! I love Heartfelt Creations too, and like you I also like my cards CAS. You put your style into these cards so I guess that's why I feel you did a great job. And, WOW, you send out 90 Christmas cards? I don't think I know that many people, LOL! Hugs and blessings!

Brenda said...

Oh so pretty! The second one is my favorite though :)

Kathy Krug said...

Well, I think they are beautiful. I know what you mean about felling like you cheated, but as you found out it is not always the easy way. I send out tons of Christmas cards too so I started on mine in August. Keep on crafting, my friend.

Unknown said...

I agree, you are way too hard on yourself.
Sometimes you must just embrace the beauty of the design that you have, and, by just adding a bit of "Verna", how can you miss?
Pre-made designs are not cheating. It's just different, and should be viewed as an enjoyable journey to making a different style of card.
Personally, I think you did a gorgeous job, on each card!!! I don't think you over did a thing!
They are just perfect.
You did these pre-made designs justice, girlfriend, be proud of yourself. I know I am proud of ya! TFS!!!

Rushd Lady said...

All of your cards are gorgeous, Verna! You are still ahead of me in making Christmas cards! Love them all! :)

Peanut said...

Are you kidding me?! These cards are gorgeous, Verna. And you're never too early to make Christmas cards. Well done, friend!
hugs, Asha

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