Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Acrylic Apple Blossoms

For some reason I have been having difficulty uploading blog posts, and I don't know what to do about it. I finally got this to work for me but it has been a struggle. I hope I don't have to close this blog. My computer seems to be freezing up a lot lately. But until that happens I will post today's acrylic painting.

I actually like this one. And, yes, not really looking like the real blossoms but I still had a great time making this one. I looked at photos of calendars and the apple blossoms caught my eye. So I went with that for today's painting.

And after I had signed it, I remembered I had a fine nib on a paint pen that might work for signing my works. And, I think I need to place an order for more acrylic paints if I am to continue doing things with them. It is a nice change of pace but I still plan on being mainly a card maker.

Thanks for looking and have a great evening.

God bless,


kittykat3308 said...

This is a beautiful painting. I think it is the best one that you posted so far. You do make beautiful cards so I am glad that you will continue to do so

Love and Prayers,

Barbara said...

Sorry that you are having trouble with your blog. Blogger does that sometimes. I hope to see your creative cards, and now, your paintings for a long time to come. You are really thinking spring. Here in Florida, the flowers are out and beautiful. Hate to leave, but anxious to get home.

Judy Woodland said...

Bummer that you are having computer troubles. So frustrating!!! I love this, and yes, it's really fun to do something different. There are so many ways to get our creativeness on, I'm happy that you found this. Looks like you are having a great time, keep it up!!

Lisa Babitz said...

Your apple blossoms are beautiful! Great job on this one!

Unknown said...

lol Love it; I Actually Like This One! You're so funny (and hard on yourself) They have all been beautifully creative!

Unknown said...

Like this Verna. and the colours are super.

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