Monday, March 28, 2016

Acrylic Garden

I was gifted a set of acrylics and some practice sheets as well as some bigger canvases and many brushes. So there was no excuse not to try working with acrylics. Well, it is a good thing I have lots of practice sheets. This was my first attempt and I think it sort of looks more like something a first grade kid would do. Oh, well! It was fun anyway. Just remember this is my first hopefully in time I may improve. Perhaps I should have drawn a sketch first but then I can't draw either. So why would that be much better? Hahaaa!

Isn't that a sick looking butterfly? Originally I did not have one in the painting which was the way I should have left it. I tried to make it look more realistic but I think instead I got it looking a lot worse. Maybe in my next works I will paint a bee instead or no insect at all.  I redid the butterfly. I realized that the bottom half should be larger than the top half. It looks much better now. 

I saw a similar scene done in water colors and loved it, so thought perhaps I could make it instead with the acrylics. But I must have deleted the video and now can't remember who did it either so I apologize to that talented artist. So this was done from memory.

I find the acrylics dry fast and when hubby comes in and says "Fix me some lunch. I am going in the field." I found out that by the time I had his lunch pail packed it had dried out my blotches of paint on my palette quite a bit. I might have to buy more tubes if I run out.

Well, any tips would be greatly appreciated. I need all the help I can get. Hahaaa! Thanks though for looking at it. And I will look forward to seeing what you suggest I do differently.

God bless,


Unknown said...

Well your butterfly may be sick, but I know mine would look dead! Cut yourself some slack, practice and patience my I think your flowers look beautiful.....I wish I had a field of them out my window!

Lisa Babitz said...

This does not look like a first attempt with acrylics! It is beautiful!! Your flowers are amazing, and I am not really having a problem with your butterfly. It's not all that realistic, but I don't feel like it needs to be! Great job!!

Unknown said...

Looks good. Actually been gifted with many watercolours and papers in recent months but still not willing to post one as been years. So know the feeling. :)

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