Friday, July 31, 2015

Ruth's Card

Ruth Auerilo who is the mother of Gina at Gina K. Designs recently underwent surgery so I made this card for her.

I am not sure I pulled it off but I wanted the look of second generation stamping (I think that is the term) so I stamped the images from the Gina K. Designs Stippled Nature set and then took a fine line black pen and drew around them. I did not do it accurately on purpose as I wanted that outline to be a little off set.

The background of the card is a piece of card stock that I mopped up the residue on my craft mat after working with the Color Bursts. I thought all those mixtures of color were too pretty to waste.

Well, it has been a good last few days this week. Hubby passed his stress test, I got two thumbs  up on the ulcer on the leg as it made a great leap in healing this last week and with the humidity down it seems my computer is working like a charm. Also today I downloaded Windows 10 and I am exploring things with that and trying to figure out where things are and exactly how to work with it.

I am not sure if I will get much work done for cards this next week as the Munchkins might be coming again for a few days. So I will be more or less cooking so they can munch, munch, munch. LOL They do have good appetites.

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

God bless,


Vicki Dutcher said...

So lovely! I am sure she will appreciate it!!

Rosy Newlun said...

oh AAaaackkkk! THIS IS MAGNIFICENT!!!! I have no idea what it's called either, but it's glorious!!! Maybe you should just frame it and send it cause Gina's gonna frame this one lol! Way to go Verna! It's a "blooming" masterpiece!

Barbara said...

Great mine think alike, I used this stamp for Ruth too! Lol. I love the outlines and the look that you got. So glad your health and hubby's is much better and the Internet is working. Let me know about windows 10

Olga Moore said...

Your card should be framed! You always come up with such inspiring and clever ideas in your creations. Gina's mother will LOVE this card. And I'd like to add that it's good to hear the news that you and your hubby both got thumbs up regarding your health issues.

Unknown said...

Absolutely lovely....LOVE your background, it's GORGEOUS! Surely will bring a smile to Ruth's beautiful face! Be well!!!

Judy Woodland said...

Isn't it great when you can use something that might have been thrown away or just wasted? Love all the pretty colors in your background, and the flowers are perfect with it. Everything just comes together so well. Ruth will LOVE it!!!

Peanut said...

You've absolutely pulled it off, Verna. The offset outlining is perfectly done and the background too. Ruth will love this card. Glad to hear hubby is doing well and enjoy your time with the muchkins!
xxx Asha

Unknown said...

Love the colours Verna. A "happy" card.

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