Wednesday, April 27, 2016


My only tulips left living came up again this year and they are always so beautiful with their yellow blooms. However, the strong winds have raised havoc with them this spring. Almost every day we have strong wind so I took a photo of them as they won't last very long.

On a humorous note I will relate this conversation I had this noon with my husband.

Verna: "Oh, I did a blog hop and won a goodie package from Simon Says! So I am hoping to see that arrive in the mail one of these days."

Hubby: "Well, you better be careful hopping around so you don't hurt yourself. Some days you can hardly walk now!"

I broke into laughter at that remark and then explained to him what I meant by hopping. Then  he laughed too!

It is nice to know he is always looking out for me. LOL

I am in cleaning mode. An insurance guy wants to go over some policies with us tomorrow so we need the kitchen table cleared off so he can layout all his information. Since the kitchen table is my crafting area, you can just imagine what a bunch of things were on it. It is slowly looking better.

Take care everyone and we are still getting April showers now and then. But that is okay. It is good to know it will be better for the crops to get some moisture built up.

God bless,


Shona Erlenborn said...

I had one little tulip come up in a planter - heaven knows how it got there. It has opened and closed for about four days I think, and now it hasn't opened again. Our Spring has been so strange. Lots of things bloomed early then the blooms got frosted. Well, there's nothing we can do that is what Mother Nature does, right?

Judy Woodland said...

Thanks for the grin...sometimes we just have to explain these things to the Hubs. They are clueless. Interesting that you have had such high winds....seems like the weather is so wonky these days. Thanks for sharing the pretty tulips...ours aren't even blooming yet, although we have some lovely daffodils. I should share a photo of them.

kittykat3308 said...

Thank you for sharing what your hubby said - Men can be so dense at times (that's why woman should be running the world)

I do not have any real flowers so I will just enjoy the paper ones


Unknown said...

Oh Husbands, aren't they hysterical lol Those tulips are magnificent, such a bold bright yellow--my favorite color! Be careful on those HOPS! lol

Barbara said...

I'm not sure that husbands will ever understand what we do. It's good that they at lease listen to us. Ha ha. We have strong winds here too and it is very cold. Early mornings are back in the high 30's Brrrr. The poor tulips don't have a chance.

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the win, and yes, remember times when we had a few chuckles over card things, which was a wonderful part of being a couple. Glad you still have that.

Patti said...

Yeah!! congrats on your win! can't wait to see what you create with your new crafty supplies!

Our tulips are snow covered right now : ( what a spring! I sure hope it warms up soon : )


Donna Ellis said...

I have never seen yellow tulips before, Verna! Wow! They look like velvet sunshine! Sometimes it is good for company to come so we clean up a bit more than if they were not coming. Try not to hurt yourself hopping! LOL Hope your weekend is happy and special! Hugs, de

A splash of color said...

Hi thanks for following my blog.. I don't know if I know how to follow back yet.. I'll give it a try. My husband was also confused by the whole "Hop" thing.. they are dear. Have a great day and enjoy that one lone tulip bunch :) Susan

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