Monday, February 11, 2019

Gmail messages

Hi all,
I don't use Gmail myself but it seems any emails I try to send to Gmail accounts are being rejected. I just wanted to let you know I am trying to respond but it does not seem to be letting them go through. They are sent back as undeliverable. I never had issues before so I wonder if Google + elimination is making things difficult.

I had someone wanting to know if I broke my foot. Well, I did not. I have extreme arthritis in the one foot by the arch and between that and the fact I got a blister from wearing new shoes caused it to be difficult to walk. But it is getting better.

 In fact, I was able to go Sunday and attend the birthday party for my youngest grandson Jack who turned one year old. He had an extra busy weekend as he was in the Baby Crawl in their area and he took first place. Oh, and he did walk before his first birthday. But when in crawling position he cannot get up unless he can find a chair or a table to pull himself up with. It was fun to see him in action and how he has come so far after his rocky start a year ago.

So thanks everyone for the wonderful comments for the past few days. I guess maybe eliminating my Google + account did cause some issues in the email respect and I don't know if there is a solution to fixing it.

I hope to get some card making in again this week. I also have a doctor's appointment for a six month check up so that will take care of one day at least. And, this stupid weather we are having says another storm coming in tonight. I hope you can tell how thrilled I am about that. LOL

Take care and God bless,


Greta said...

So glad you got to enjoy seeing Jack for his big birthday!

Mac Mable said...

Sounds like Jack had a wonderful birthday weekend? x.
Yes lets hope all the computer issues have settled down....
I had issues too but I have done my best to solve them but who knows?
Hope the weather has improved and hope the check up goes well? x

laurie said...

Glad you got to go to the birthday...sounds fun!

Lisa said...

It's been cold and rainy here.. for the desert.. but I know so many have it so much worse so I won't complain... too much... but my fingers are having a hard time typing because they're!! Hope you resolve your gmail issues, but I won't worry if I don't hear from you!

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