Friday, February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day!


Hello everyone and I wish all of you a wonderful Valentine's Day! I hope you all get some Valentine goodies too.

I saw on the news that Major Bill the 104 year old Marine got over 70,000 Valentines. Wow! People really came through for him and I am so happy to hear that.  They showed a few cards but I did not see the one I sent him. And get this! He is a scrapper and so I am sure he will be extra busy for a long time to come filling scrap books with his cards.

I was treated to some chocolates and a card from my hubby. I will share the chocolates with him. He is such a sweetheart and always remembers me. I don't think we have any big plans for celebrating otherwise.

Anyway I want to wish all of you a great day and I hope you get lots of Valentine wishes too!

God bless and  O X O X ,


Mac Mable said...

Happy Valentine's to you too Verna and Wow to the 70,000 cards for Major Bill and he deserved every single one of them x.
Well done you on sharing your chocolates with DH x.

Bunny said...

Happy Valentine's. I was looking for the count on how many cards the retired Major received so I'm glad you posted this. I bet he'll end up with even more as they'll be coming in from overseas. [Bunny]

kiwimeskreations said...

Treasure your man - it's not much fun without them on days like this... I hope the rest of your valentines was equally enjoyable Verna

Lisa said...

Happy belated Valentines to you!! I'm so glad you had a good one and I'm extra happy the Major got so many Valentines!

Leslie Miller said...

I'm so happy about Major Bill and I'm glad you had a nice Valentine's Day! Sad to say I asked my hubby not to give me candy this year, much as I love it. So sad. I did give him a handmade card and a box of candy. Trying not to notice how much he's enjoying the candy, ha! It was a nice day, though.

Greta said...

I didn't see the card I sent the Major on TV either--haha! Figure everyone who lives there got to enjoy seeing all the Valentines--pretty neat!

Diane said...

No chocolates for me, darn it lol, but I did get a Stormy Kromer hat, might post about it on my blog later this week...have a good day, I am trying to play 'catch up' after being gone 10 days!!

Karen Dunbrook said...

With so much negative in the world, it is refreshing to hear about the 'happy' news. A feel good story for sure.
sending you a Valentine hug mf.
xx Karen

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